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Here is the Australian truffle. Known for its flavour, the black Périgord is also produced in Australia and New Zealand.

The truffles originated from the oak and hazel forests of Europe, particularly from France and Italy. The region of Périgord in the south area of France is well-known for the black truffle. The truffles have been traditionally harvested for centuries with a pig using its intuitive sense of smell. Nowadays, most hunters have changed pigs with dogs due to the issues of safety and handling.

In Europe, crop harvests have dropped in the last 100 years from about 1000 tons in 1900 to about 50 tons per year. Urbanization is one of the reasons for this also two world wars that increase acid rain along with random harvesting methods.

Truffles are among the most coveted and appreciated foods in the world. This high demand and the unfulfilled offer have led to higher prices. Category A truffles sell for more than $ 3,000 for each kilogram, making truffles as one most expensive food plants in the world.

After the Chinese truffle, New Zealand, Tasmanian, comes the truffle of Australia. The city of Manjimup is becoming the capital of the black pearl of Périgord. The famous “tuber melanosporum”, recognisable by its very particular fragrance and flavour, is now produced in the extreme south-west of Australia. The truffle grows successfully on the oak tree. At the other end of the world, on these lands which benefit from a hot and dry climate the summer and wet the winter, the truffle blossoms in climatic conditions similar to France. But it gains singularly in weight: up to three times that of truffles sold at Lalbenque or on the Caussade market in France. According to the truffle farmer, the advantage is that with reversed seasons between Europe and Australia, truffles will be available all year long. It doubles the harvest. Producers across Australia are taking advantage of the different climatic regions to grow fresh, quality products for which demand continues to grow.

Types of indigenous Australian truffles are non-toxic, but not really tasty. Attempts to infect native tree species with the imported truffles have been unsuccessful. Therefore, the Australian industry using Tuber melanosporum on oak trees. Truffles are beneficial for the trees, capturing phosphorus, that would be indissoluble for the tree, and transforming it into a shape that will be absorbable for the trees. In low-phosphate soils in Australia, this can be valuable. In exchange, the tree supplies fungus with sugar along with other carbohydrates.

Since the truffles are non-native species, there are advantages for the Australian farmers. While the farmer of European truffle may get worried about the range of identical species that is less tasty contending with the most precious truffles, it is almost certain that Australian farmers will produce the most high-quality French black truffles.

Industry in Australia

In Australia, truffles are a rather new crop. The plantations (popular as Truffières) started in the 1990s in Tasmania along with Western Australia. The first truffles were harvested in 1999. Truffières is now manufactured and produced in Victoria, ACT, New South Wales, South Queensland and South Australia.

You will be astonished to know that the Australian black truffle industry now produces 4.5 tons per year. Most are grown in the cool climate regions of Western Australia and Tasmania.

The Truffle & Wine Co. of Manjimup, Western Australia, alone produces about 3 tons; it has developed an orchard of 13 000 hazelnuts and oaks in a region where the climate reflects that of Périgord. The result is an Australian Perigord truffle of the same high quality and variety as the coveted French “black diamond”.

Because they lack out of season in Europe, henceforth, now some of the most famous chefs, from New York to Paris, Tokyo to Berlin and Sydney to Vancouver, provide Australian truffles. The Wine & Truffle Co, which in just 25 years has become the largest producer of truffles in the Southern Hemisphere, now exports its truffles to 25 countries around the world.


Welcome to my blog, I Ronald A. Martin, I write about all the things that brought me into life. Natural spices with sufficient amounts of cream and orange jam. like truffles why these foods are so strong, and many people look for tfood. because this food is very special to make food toppings delicious.

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  1. Dear Truffles Australis,
    I am located in Wongarra Victoria and followed the lead of The Rides, who at the time were my neighbours. I planted 12 black Périgord Quercus Ilex trees that you supplied me approximately 12 years ago.
    The trees are all growing well and are typically 2-3 metres high. I don’t have a truffle dog and I am wondering if you can suggest how I might be able to check whether I have any truffles please?
    Perhaps you could share a technical paper with me that would assist in regards of both harvesting and tending the trees. If so I would be most grateful. Alternatively I can call you if you provide your preferred contact no.
    Kind regards

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