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Tim Terry is a Tasmanian who has pioneered the Australian truffle industry since he first became involved in 1993. In 1999 he was the first grower in Australia to produce black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) and showed his own confidence in the enterprise by expanding his operations to create one of Australia's largest truffle growing operations.   He has undertaken extensive research and development into truffle growing and harvesting in Tasmania and by combining this knowledge with practical experience he has achieved remarkable results in a very short time. This expertise is now made available via Truffles Australis to others wishing to enter the market. Tim has also become the grower of Australia's first Tuber Aestivum or summer truffle in November 2005, which when in commercial quantities will provide diversity to the market and a longer period of time local restaurants can have fresh truffles on their menus.

 Tim has been a farmer all his life and has vast agricultural experience growing crops as diverse as poppies, barley, peas, beans, onions and potatoes. He was the first person in Australia to grow 10 tonnes of wheat per hectare as far back as 1988. Tim has also had extensive experience working with soils as a specialized drainage contractor where his skills have been invaluable in installing drainage systems for farms, vineyards and golf courses as well as the hallowed Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). 

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